Rustle the Waters

The newness in the air cannot be denied. There is a freshness of Spring. A turning of the times towards greater revelation, deeper roots, and undeniable transformation.


I’ve seen multiple people step into the freshness of Spring with a new direction and a new revelation of where God is leading them. I was directed to this article by a dear friend called, “How to Walk in the Faith of God in this Season.”¹ She prophesied that many people would be moving into new positions and spaces specifically before the time of Passover. Passover begins on April 19, 2019 of this year.

We may not follow the Hebraic calendar in the United States, but there is beauty sometimes in reflecting on the markers of God’s time. Hebrew calendars mark Passover a couple days into the Jewish new year: the first month is the month of Nissan. Chuck Pierce (Glory of Zion Ministries) writes, “It’s the month of redemption, the month of the beginning of miracles, and the month that sets the course for your future” (emphasis my own). I would encourage you to dive a little deeper into the study of the Jewish New Year, Passover, etc. It’s all fascinating, and I have only taken a microscopic chip off the iceberg in my studies but it always leads me closer to the restorative heart of Father God.

These new things in our lives are not coincidences. 

For those who don’t know, I moved back to my hometown roughly 3 months ago. It’s been a whirlwind of a transformation, but sometimes God has to bring us back to our roots and purpose. Once again, a great friend led me to this article and prophetic revelation. This piece by Danny Steyne² talks about original intent. He uses a ship as his illustration and points to the uses of a ship. He discusses the use of a ship as a mode of transportation and discusses that we aren’t meant to live on ships.

Are you living on a ship? Are you not moving forward or progressing on what you felt God was leading you to do?

I think we’ve all been there, are currently there, or trying to get ourselves out of there. How many of us have stepped out on to sea [in faith] believing Jesus was going to do a miraculous thing in our lives, we have a destiny to fulfill, and a promise made to us that we know HE will be faithful to keep?

I would say all.

We are not a people filled with fear, and I say that prophetically as a declaration that we will not be a people filled with fear. If you are reading this and filled with fear, take courage to heart that Jesus has commanded us to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9).

You’ve stepped out on the sea, but what I see is that we are trying to maneuver the waters in a kayak. Growing up around water, I have a pretty good understanding of the waters’ flow from sources to oceans, or in my case the gulf. In some areas it is safe to maneuver by kayak: the river, the bayou, maybe even the bay, but when you get out on the gulf you don’t want to go too far in a kayak. You won’t last long.

Unfortunately, our spirits have been hindered in the tools we have been using to maneuver the waters of our walk with Christ. We’ve signed on to follow Jesus and have taken the big step of faith and said yes, but I believe our identity and the fullness of who we are cannot be fulfilled in the kayak. You can’t handle the storm in the kayak, you surely can’t handle the open sea in a kayak, and it is only going to get you so far. That is why I believe God is calling us to jump kayak.

It’s not about the fact we can’t control a kayak, we can as we’ve been doing a pretty darn good job of it over the last couple seasons of our walk with Jesus. However, the greater authority, greater vision, and greater submission to Jesus is going to require a larger vessel.  What I am trying to point to is that it is time to stop dreaming small, stop believing for the minuscule harvest, and stop assuming that your dream and vision will only stay within the means of a kayak.

The plans God has for you, the call on your life, and the burning passion inside of you cannot be contained within a 8 foot x 4 foot kayak.

You were made for more. 

I encourage you today to stop believing for less, stop chasing after mediocrity, and start believing the God sized dreams that have been placed in your life. One of the greatest threats to darkness is movement. Darkness craves stagnation as it can cut off life sources. When darkness gets to settle, it can multiply.

Think of a stagnant body of water festering with mosquitos, mosquito larvae, and lots of moss. The moss covers the top of the water so nothing underneath grows. The moss keeps the light from shining through to reach the vegetation below.

For many of you reading, there are seeds at the bottom of your heart and spirit that have been planted in hopes of you producing fruit, fruit that someone needs, a nation needs, a people group needs, etc. They are there for time and purpose. Don’t let the darkness cover you up. Don’t stay stagnant.

Father, I pray you come and rustle the waters. Send the cool refreshing waters of your Spirit to your people that they may be refreshed and renewed in your Spirit Lord God. “Driven by Love” (thank you Lindy Conant-Coffer) to the place you have them. Rustle the waters Father and invite them to move with your Holy Spirit.

Waves will roll over us no more in a way that demolishes us because we are jumping kayak and taking on the identity of a person who is transported by ship with purpose, focus, destination, and understanding of our call. I see Jesus rescuing us the from the kayak and taking us into His ship of restoration, healing, power, and authority. This is where the true disciple will be made. We can catch bigger fish in a bigger boat- the ultimate goal of a disciple: to be a fisher of men.

We will rise.

Allow him to welcome you on board and watch as you envelop the identity He has invited you into. Take on the battle ahead knowing He has prepared a place for you.

May the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roar over you today with gladness in His heart and purpose and destiny in mind. He loves you.

With Love,




  1. “How to Walk in the Faith of God in this Season” by Candice Smithyman
  2. We’ve Entered a Fullness of Time!” by Danny Steyne

One thought on “Rustle the Waters

  1. Great!!! I needed a lift today and this really helped. God is moving and we are called to move with Him. I will obey, because that is what it is all about. I trust He will lead me and I will hear. Love ya much!!! Grandma


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