Resurgence of Dreams

Your first initial reaction when you are called to do something is shock. I think for most of us we understand the deeper purpose that lives inside of us, but unfortunately society has suppressed us in ways to think that our inner callings don’t matter. Outward success and inward depletion of our inner most desires are quelled by the voices outside and inside our head telling us those dreams will never come true.

We face defeat at its truest form, self-depletion.

However, today I believe the thing Lord wanted me to share with you a few of you is that this is a season for not giving up on your dreams, not giving up your passions, and never letting go of the fire that the Lord has put on the inside of you. I am a true believer that complacency leads to compromise, and compromise to demise. When we start compromising on the things the Lord has told us not to do or ventured far away from what we were called to do out of fear, lack of resources, and the unknown we journey down a road that leads us far away from our destiny.

I can’t tell you how many people I meet of the millennial generation that have so much fire in their heart and passion in their bellies to change the world. Coupled with the gospel and the ultimate ignitor, Holy Spirit, they truly are UNSTOPPABLE.

I believe the enemy has squashed the dreams that the Lord has put on your heart in previous seasons. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced this. Of course, he didn’t want to see us succeed or accomplish the goals the Lord set before us.

This is a different time and season. This is 2019 and not that a calendar date matters too much in certain situations, but God uses markers. Starting points for new beginnings. The places where you say the table stops spinning here.

You have sought the Lord with all your heart, you have followed through with the ways of the world out of fear, but now the Lord says:

Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord…” Isaiah 1:18

I want to point out one very important word in this scripture above: together. For those of us who have been lead into wrong interpretations and impressions of who our Heavenly Father is, may you be freed in the mighty name of Jesus that He is not a demeaning God but rather a loving Father who wants to reason with you together. He is not a dictator, but a God who so desperately wants what is best for you. In the words of Barbara Wentroble, “God’s plan for you and your life happened in His Council Room…They discussed the vision and goal to have you as part of the family. Words were spoken over you. Those words concerned God’s plan and purpose for your life.” (Accessing the Power of God, Barbara Wentroble p.16)

This is a season for you to step back into abandoned callings, flushed dreams, and quelled visions. This is a season for you to remember that the promises of God are yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20), He is for you not against you (Romans 8:31), and He knows the plans He has for you (Jeremiah 29:11)

Don’t step into 2019 in fear of the same failures you walked through in 2018. For I am the queen of making mistakes, but mistakes don’t define my future and my failures can’t either if I don’t let them.

Step in with boldness, a posture of prayer, and continued guidance from the Holy Spirit and don’t forget all you’ve walked through in 2018 and how God’s faithfulness was in and through every situation.

Don’t step back, do not conform (Romans 12:2), do not let go of the desires God has put in your heart. It’s a season of rebirth, dreams coming back to life, and vision abounding more than ever.

Once again my trusted spiritual mentor Mrs. Barbara writes, “However, something is happening in this season. We are starting to remember! We are starting to remember those words that were spoken so long ago. Suddenly, these words may bubble up like a fountain inside of us. Sometimes we call these words vision…” (Accessing the Power of God, Barbara Wentroble p.16-17).

I pray today that your heart bubbles over, that you get the goosebumps you once had, and a resurgence of dreams and visions floods your mind and keeps your heart in Christ Jesus. You are His, and He is yours.

Go forth with me in His name! We are stepping back in, coming back into alignment! In the words of Optimus Prime, “Let’s Roll.”



P.S. The reason why there is a picture of me skiing here is because well I had given up on ever being able to ski, but God did a new thing in me and helped me to learn how to do it after a terrible first experience. Don’t Give Up! Dream Accomplished. 2019 I’m ready for ya! Also, I just love my dad, so enjoy this lovely picture of us!