Partnership with the Prince of Peace


I believe that Peace can be a contentious word because it has so many meanings: are we referencing Miss Congeniality and World Peace, the 2 finger Peace sign, or the peace of the 60s with the retro hippies.

Well in my case not really any of those.

I am talking about the Prince of Peace, Jesus. The reason I am talking about this is because Peace amongst much turmoil has been what I am and have been seeking most.

I’ve debated my feelings and emotions in my head, heart, and spirit so many times during the past month and have asked the Lord to do everything He can to help me understand where all my frustrations, anger, disappointment, and even hurt have come from.

I’m asking Lord, “if there is a root, I want to know the root, and I want you to pluck it out. I don’t want any left over pain, hurt, or feelings of frustration. I want freedom.”

I feel freedom is something we crave. Slaves craved freedom for years, and I am sure that Mosul, Iraq craved freedom for many years before Isis was liberated from that territory. We want to be free; to live, love, and breath in the manner we believe God has called us to live.

However, that freedom doesn’t always come at the push of a button. I was reading this article the other day in an online Christian forum of some sort and the lady wrote something about waking up and becoming the woman that God had called her to be.

I wanted to raise my hand and say me over here please. I would like that.

Even if you are not a woman, I am sure that you want to become the person God intended you to be and fulfill the plans and purposes that He has for your life.

We are not mass produced minions that come out of a machine though; we are humans and we fail. Me, everyday.

I find that my prayer at this time of the year was “Prince of Peace truly overwhelm me with the peace that surpasses all understanding, allow me to love people when it’s so difficult, and all I want to do is be on my hands and knees crying out to you, allow me to minister to the people you have me ministering to here without getting so worn, and most of all allow me to step into the things you have for me”

As so much of my prayers are asking for comfort, understanding, and knowledge, I find there that truly is no better comforter than the Lord Jesus Christ who sits at the right hand of the Father and prays for you literally every day (Romans 8:34). His intercession is beyond anything we can compare to on earth. However, the greatest thing is because of His sacrifice, blood, and atonement we are now adopted into this same sonship or daughtership and obtain all rights to the kingdom. Our inheritance is not of this earth, our citizenship is not of this earth, but rather in Heaven (Romans 8:17). We rejoice at the resounding songs of angels as they stream peace down from Heaven above. The angel warned the shepherds to not be frightened, and I think when we are not frightened but instead trusting of the Lord and His voice, we will find rest in the Prince of Peace.

I rested today which is a rare occasion for me, and something I believe God just asked me to do today.  I got this super cool sweatshirt for Christmas from my dad that says “your brokenness is welcome here.” I like for this to be the anthem in my life and the people that I surround. However, I sat upstairs wearing this sweatshirt and seeking the Lord on something that He placed in my devotional this morning knowing there was something more that He had for me to understand.

I read, contemplated, and even prayed Lord help me understand how you loved the Pharisees who literally disagreed with you on everything and didn’t understand what you were trying to show them which is light, love, and eternal peace. How did you do this God? God how do I love the people in my life who don’t understand what I am trying to say and don’t even want to hear my heart because they may be on a different page about something then I am?

How do I do that Father?

Well, John 8 starts with the woman caught in adultery. Jesus asks the Pharisees surrounding her with condemnation that anyone who is without sin to cast the first stone.

Jaw dropper in that temple, let me tell you, you could probably hear the crickets chirping, if they had crickets in Jerusalem.

Of course, no one can throw a stone at her because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Jesus asks this woman where are your accusers. She states there are none, and he tells her to go and sin no more.

I thought to myself, Lord how you loved that woman was that you made everyone else realize that they were just as much broken as she was. Her sin didn’t outweigh theirs and vice versa. There was equality when it came to the brokenness.

Our brokenness doesn’t outweigh anyone else’s, it’s simply different, and for me that was something I needed to hear this morning. My aching heart for the things of this world at times is no different than someone else’s hurt.  That person’s hurt is the same as mine, it just manifests itself in different ways.

The raw reality of this whole conundrum of brokenness is that Jesus sits down with me every moment of every day, when I am willing to Listen and says, “Come Hannah your brokenness is welcome here, I will give you rest.”


There is not a moment where God goes unfaithful. His faithfulness endures forever and outstretches far more than anything we can see in this present moment. Even though I don’t understand all things, I am in love with the person who does. Jesus. I am in love with the way He meets me, comforts me, guides me, and truly mends my heart every day.

Much has changed in my life over the past couple of months, but I am not dealing with the same wounds, hurt, frustration and things I was dealing with earlier this year and season. I am not that woman anymore, but instead a healed woman in many areas where I wasn’t before. I have been restored and redeemed by the ultimate redeemer.

I have meditating on Kari Job’s song “The Garden” lately and one of it’s lyrics reads, “now I see redemption stirring in the trees.”

Nature really resonates with me, and I believe redemption is stirring in the trees. It’s building up and WILL fall on you. Redemption will come and you will be reconciled, not to you were before the season of hardship but redeemed to the person God wants you to be post hardship. He is not looking for the better you because He has already made the better you when you were made a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17).

2017 is coming to a close and 2018 is right around the corner. There are still 6 more days of this year, the year of the Breakthrough according to the prophets. Press into that last 6 days, I see redemption stirring in the trees for you. The Prince of Peace will comfort you as a Holy Father and usher you into the newness, the fresh breath of 2018.

I’m not saying don’t waste your time with New Year’s Resolutions but instead sit down with the Father and ask Him, “okay God what does 2018 look like for me and you? are you taking me somewhere? are there certain things I am to study? books I am to read? places to go? people to see?”

He will show you because He is FAITHFUL. May the Prince of Peace comfort you as you step into redemption, reconciliation, and freedom. Whom the Son sets free, Oh is free indeed.

Love and Prayers,



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