Hamburgers without Fries

Hamburgers, fries, co-laboring with Christ.

This is phrase that has been batting around in my mind lately.

Not the hamburgers and fries, but “co-laboring with Christ” and what that really looks like.

  • What does it look like to co-labor with Christ?
  • What does it look like to be an ambassador for the Kingdom of God?
  • What does total reckless abandon of our will look like during co-laboring

The Word Co-laboring means a partnership, a partnership with whomever. In this case it’s Christ. We are called to be co-laborers with Christ. Now this first started dawning on me when I received prayer from one of our prayer people at church. I was 2 weeks out before  embarking to Greece didn’t have a passport and lacked $1500 of my total budget needed for support.

I was questioning, God is this really the thing you have called me to co-labor with you on?

I knew God was my provider, but co-laboring is rarely all on our own efforts. I had to let go and just trust that if this was my task to co-labor that Jesus was laboring right beside me.

The man that prayed over me told me, “you are doing this with Christ, not for Christ.”

Long Story Short:

  • Lost in the Mail Passport- Appeared
  • $1500 came in just the nick of time

Struck by this thought of doing something with Christ rather than for Christ was astonishing to me. I had lived most of my life and especially the last part of this year saying “I live for Christ.”

I live for Christ, no. I live with Christ because Christ resides inside of me. He has chosen, adopted, predestined, redeemed, blessed me, and has given me an inheritance in himself where I get to partake of the blessings of heaven on this earth (Ephesians 1), I get to co-labor with Christ here on this earth so the power of His resurrection and heaven may become known. To live with Christ is to know him.

I work for my boss, but I don’t work with him/her. When I work for Jesus, I think that I must earn his satisfaction or his stamp of approval. I need his “well done Hannah.”

When I work for Jesus, I try to earn his grace. However, when I work with Jesus I already know his grace, I already know his character it pushes me to work with Him. I follow His footsteps because I see that he doesn’t trod of shaking ground, but rather upholds me with His righteous right hand. When I co-labor with Christ I see things I don’t normally  see. I turn off my eyes and ask Jesus to teach me what He sees. He takes me on a journey where I use the Spirit rather than the flesh to guide me.

I start to Dream with God.

Thanks to Bill Johnson and his wonderful spirit-filled insight on co-laboring and dreaming with God, I learn that God does want to know the desires of my heart. He asks me to sacrifice my will so his may be done, but not so that he may take away all the things I desire. However, to create a partnership that is more effective.

“But God Has Elevated us from servants to friends. He invites us into relationship that goes beyond employer-employee interactions. He is willing for us to engage Him….to change His mind, to direct His ideas, to share in His unfolding creative work. He doesn’t lack for ideas. He just enjoys our participation. When you become a friend of God, you don’t lose the humility and obedience of a servant, but your relational perspective shifts. There is a point in our relationship with God where obedience is no longer the primary issue. That may also sound blasphemous, but it’s a deep truth God wants to reveal more widely in the Church. There are levels of relationship with God that many of us have not conceived or experienced, and until we do, our co-laboring with Him will be more limited than it needs to be”

(p.132-133, The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind by Bill Johnson).


Fish is no good without chips, hamburgers aren’t good without French fries, and I’m starting to learn that Hannah is not as good when there is no Jesus in her efforts. There may be great and fruitful things done on my own power, but how much greater is my fruit or my efforts when they are touched by the hands that saved the world. The ultimate gardener.

Jesus partner with me in life, let me walk in the light of your salvation, uphold me with your righteous right hand. Let me co-labor with you as I journey to Greece.

Love and Prayers,



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