Claimed, Called, and Cared For

Sitting here drinking my Yogi Ginger Tea reflecting on the day, many thoughts are running through my mind about today and the many different testaments of faith and God’s love for me that were clearly prevalent. (Sip) The really great thing about Yogi Tea is that they include little sayings on the tags. My tag today read “be proud of who you are.” This phrase is not something we hear too often in a world full of people always trying to better ourselves and raise the standards of society. Simply choosing to be present, still, and embrace the person we are is something we rarely do. However, this tea really got me thinking…who I am, what person am I proud of? Three words came to mind: claimed, called, and cared for.

Claimed, the word sounds sort of derogatory and imprisoning, but to me it means peace. Peace in the way I am claimed by a Savior who pursues me with a love that is everlasting, never fails or leaves me, and is in constant pursuit of me. I am claimed by a God who sent His only perfect Son to take away my sin, so that I may enjoy life and have it to the full. God chose me to be His daughter and forever rest and be proud of the woman I am in Him. He made me and gave me the desires of my heart, my passions, my quirks, my talents, etc. I am claimed by the one true God and that is truly enough to be proud of.

Because I am claimed by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I am also called. Called, calling, the call, and many other manifestations of this word are frequently used by people in college. I can’t tell you how many people I hear say, “what is my calling in life? What has God called me to do?” What a great question?! To be honest, I wish I knew the answer myself. However, earlier this year while reading the book The Missionary Call by M. David. Sills, the answer might have been revealed to me. My calling was not to figure out what God wanted me to do, rather it was simply my call to  pursue Jesus with an undivided heart and to advance His kingdom in obedience. In the midst of my pursuit, He would lead me in the right direction. Yes He has given me desires and passions that may steer me towards my calling in life, but he is the ultimate author of my path. Proverbs 16:9 says it in no better way, “The heart of man plans its way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (ESV). Like Hansel and Gretel,  Jesus leave me breadcrumbs to guide me on the path to you!

Cared for. This phrase sounds comforting. But the reality of this phrase is so much more, it is freeing, restful, and peaceful. As a person always trying to please those around me and trying to be the best I can be, it can seem like I am rarely still and allowing myself to be cared for. However, God extends his arm out to me and says come to me my child, and rest in my arms. I will protect you and bless you. Many times in my Christian walk I’ve been asked to describe God in one word, it changes throughout the seasons of life, but I think the one that is really constant is Rock. Jesus cares so much for us and only wants to see us living life in the bounty. He is always there for us and will always allow us to hold steadfast to Him. He is immovable, strong, and always there, like a Rock. He is my strength in times of weakness.

Today these three words (Claimed, Called, and Cared for) really were a testament to the faithfulness of God in my life. I felt Claimed in the way Jesus gave me the opportunity to wake up this morning and experience the beautiful sunshine, crisp winter air, and drink my morning Joe. I felt called in the manner that God allowed me to spend time talking with kids today while working at my Gainesville church and reminding me of my purpose. And as always, I felt cared for by a savior who reached out to me and gave me opportunities to hold fast to Him today and see Him work in so many ways.

Like my Yogi Tea said today, “be proud of who you are!” You were fearfully and wonderfully made by an amazing God, and I challenge you to take time to rest in His grace, freedom, and simply be present in the fact that you are claimed, called, and cared for by a God who wants nothing more than to bless you!

Love and Prayers,